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A woman branded a "Russian hooker" by Lindsay Lohan is a fashion designer.

Dasha Pashevkina - who owns luxury clothing line PA5H - has hit out at the 30-year-old actress, claiming she has "insecurities" after the Mean Girls star accused her fiancé Egor Tarabasov, 23, of cheating on her with the blonde beauty, who denies the claims.

She said: "I've known Egor for five years and have never slept with him and never would.

"I'm the one who introduced Lindsay to Egor. We are just friends.

"Lindsay's insecurities mean she can't have any girls around him."

Lindsay tweeted on Sunday: "Wow thanks fiancé with Russian hooker @dasha_pa5h. He cheated on me with hooker"

Dasha also claimed Lindsay is "volatile" and has "forgotten" the support she gave her.

She said: "Her behaviour is so volatile but honestly I did not expect this.

"When she broke up with her last boyfriend I was there to support her and we gifted her so many clothes - something she's clearly forgotten."

Lindsay accused Egor of attacking her over the weekend and police were called to her London home, but Dasha insists he ''would never be violent towards'' the US star, or be unfaithful.

She added to The Sun newspaper: ''He's such a loyal guy and he would never cheat on her, he does actually love her.''

Lindsay is said to want her fiancé to go to therapy so the pair can work out their problems.

Her representative told the New York Post newspaper: ''Lindsay believes Egor has anger-management issues and she would like him to go to therapy. They both want to work things out.''

One of her pals said: "Egor has taken control over her business ... He is in charge of her finances and is controlling over her deals, even though he has no experience in Hollywood."Read more at:bridesmaid dresses