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If you’ve been on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform in the past year, you would see a rising trend of beauty gurus and influencers alike featuring video clips of makeup tutorials and other beauty trends. In the past two years, the beauty industry has grown tremendously with many factors to account for its rising popularity. Most trends don’t just happen; they have a purpose and speak volumes about the generation and their habits.

Makeup has been around for many decades. It has been used purposefully to enhance a woman’s features and beauty. Now recently makeup has crossed genders where both men and woman are choosing to wear cosmetics. A big part of this can be credited to how accepting and liberal we have become as a nation. Thirty years prior to 2016, we would never have expected or imagined the freedom of expression in art and makeup as we do now. Art and popular culture have experienced varying degrees of growth and innovation. People are thinking of newer and more creative artistic ideas than ever before! So no doubt, with this fresh wave of thinking, this will push creatives in cosmetics and beauty to generate trends. Since 2008, we have witnessed the first black president of the country and first female presidential nominee in a major political party. Certainly as a society we are surpassing expectations than we have ever had prior.

As millennials, we are always looking towards the future and how we can make things bigger and greater. We are creating makeup looks that are avant garde for photo shoots, movies, and events. Our trends evolve faster than they originate. However, makeup and beauty, I believe, will always be in fashion. Women have always been interested in beauty products and being feminine and that will never end.

As a result of this forward thinking and the innovative mindset of this generation, we have witnessed firsthand the advancement of technology and, furthermore, social media. In my opinion, social media is the biggest influencer of the beauty industry’s success and prevalence. With apps like Instagram and Twitter, brands are able to promote their products easier and reach a greater audience. Beauty influencers like bloggers, “Instagram stars”, and Youtubers that have a large following are also able to tell their fans to buy a certain product or inspire them to wear their favorite looks. Overtime, we start to see more individuals following beauty trends like contouring and “strobing”. These ideas start from one person and travel through the realm of social media. Social media creates an environment of excitement and immediacy. On the photo sharing app Snapchat, beauty influencers and celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian can post swatches of their newest liquid lipstick or eyeshadow palette, instantly making it known to millions of viewers. Fans can then go out and buy that same item. The invention of the Internet and online shopping helped skyrocket the sales of makeup as well. For example, in the small cities like Tallahassee where particular brands and stores aren’t available, consumers can simply go online and purchase their items. A mere twenty years ago we couldn’t do this. This has inspired people in establishing their own makeup brands exclusively on the Internet. Mega internet cosmetic line, Colourpop, which was founded in 2014 has seen sales over $2.1 Million in 2016: all due to promotions solely from social media. This is truly amazing and shows just how much the internet and media outlets have advanced the beauty industry.

In addition to social media and the Internet being heavy influencers in the makeup industry, I also consider that celebrities, the fashion industry, and musicians aid the trends that are in today. When we turn on our TVs, watch movies, or fashion shows, makeup has always been present and praised by viewers. For many years, society has placed movie stars and celebrities on a pedestal and strived to emulate them. That fact is certainly true in regards to fashion and beauty. Especially in fashion shows during fashion week, beauty looks are modified and replicated in everyday fashion. So it came as no surprise when top high fashion makeup artist Pat McGrath, began selling collections of beauty items that were featured on the runway at Gucci and other shows. Socialites like the Kardashians and models will always be idolized by young adults in regards to beauty standards.

Lastly, and most importantly, this super glam makeup trend has been so widespread as of late because we are raising a generation of confident men and women. Men and women that are not ashamed of what they like, who they like, and who they are. Formerly individuals might have been intimated to wear a full face of makeup and to put themselves out there. But today, they are wearing it proudly and boldly and sharing photos on social media of their talents as makeup artists and enthusiast this trend will undeniably continue to grow as people grow more confident.Read more at:black formal dresses