According to wine enthusiasts and fashionistas planning to attend this year’s TOPS at SPAR Wine Show (themed “Winederland” and taking place at Johannesburg’s Montecasino from 25-27 May), it will be easy to tell if someone is a Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay drinker just by looking at what they’re wearing. Here’s how:


People who wear grunge are often considered mysterious because of their off-beat fashion ensembles. A trend in grunge right now is the check pattern plaid shirt, usually in red and black. Distressed denim jeans, leather, anything with a print of a band on it, or combat boots are all part of the grunge look. This style portrays edginess, strong will and courage. Taking fashion risks and knowing how to dress up a grunge look make it appear sexy. A sultry pairing is a full-bodied Hermanuspietersfontein Shiraz blend (Shiraz, Mourvedre, Grenache and Viognier). Spice, violets, black olive, dark chocolate and purple fruit describe the aroma of this wine.


This is a style that doesn’t shy away from over-the-top, in your face, outrageousness. Pair anything from satin and leather to chunky biker boots with an elegant velvet dress in canary yellow. With velvet being this year’s big trend, as seen at New York Fashion Week, whatever dress, or pants-and-jacket ensemble you select will scream out that you’ve arrived! Like all bubbly drinkers, those with this style crave being the centre of attention, love extravagance and revel in luxury, making a dry Christine-Marie Méthode Cap Classique from Niel Joubert their perfect drink. It has a refreshing burst of mousse with yeast, apples and pears on the nose, with some underlying tropical tones.

Power dressing

People who power-dress want to let the world know that they mean business. It’s usually a style they wear at work and follow through with at home and at the weekend. While this style exudes a tremendous amount of confidence, it’s also modest, elegant, and sophisticated, making it the perfect match for a fresh and fruity Delheim Wild Ferment Chenin Blanc 2015. This is an elegant and refined Chenin Blanc which has aromas of honey, straw and lemon blossom. The grape is known for its versatility, making it the perfect grape to use as a base for a blend, playing well with others while adding its own identity and terroir, much like the power dresser. Clothing items to look out for to spot a Chenin Blanc-drinker are white button-down blouses, trench coats, collared shirts and office blazers. The style is clean, formal and uncluttered, much like this cultivar.


Vintage fashion lovers are usually quick to go with whichever trend is currently in fashion as long as it’s from a different era. Eighties fashion trends are back and making an impact on catwalks everywhere. While some ensembles can be both poetic and obnoxious at the same time, vintage fashion in general is like wine: it gets better with time. Anyone wearing shiny metallic, neon colours, puffy sleeves and, yes, shoulder pads is more than likely sentimental and appreciates quality. A rich, red blend from a wine farm that’s over 200 years old is as vintage as they come. These fashionistas are likely to enjoy the dark plums with savoury spice and meaty notes of the 1682 Blaauwklippen Wine Estate’s fabulous Cabriolet 2014.


Activewear is no longer just for the gym. Thanks to big-name celebrities, puffer jackets and trainers can be worn from the gym, out to lunch with the girls or to the block social. Athleisure wearers love to lunch – especially in their activewear – and what’s the best lunch-time drink? Chardonnay. It’s the most sophisticated and complex of all the white wines. Chardonnay drinkers are known to wear their hearts on their sleeves and, even though they pretend not to like Taylor Swift, they secretly love her and listen to her music while driving or cooking, probably with a Fat Bastard Chardonnay in hand. Its rich, golden-yellow colour with complex aromas of vanilla and honeysuckle, layered with subtle nuances of oak make this the ultimate drink for the athleisure lady who lunches.Read more at:cocktail dresses australia