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According to a release, as part of the fashion exchange, the designers experienced an intensive three-phase exchange program composed of workshops, lectures, and master classes in both the Netherlands and in the Philippines. They also visited embroidery centers in Lumban, Quezon and Tagaytay, handpicked fabrics in Divisoria, and attended Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Riza Bulawan, one of the Filipino fashion designers, opened the show with a draped asymmetrical skirt in blue, and a yellow midriff top with off-white, off-shoulder accents.

She followed this up with a draped white outfit with a handkerchief-hemmed skirt and a jacket with a high, stiff collar, and ended her segment with a bright green skirt with a knotted red top.

Britta Bentele, from the Netherlands, came next, showing off sober and strict outfits: think pearl-encrusted birdcage veils accenting a short, sheer black outfit, and a long-sleeved and tight summer print dress with lasercut accents on the neckline and cuff.

Nina Gatan from the Philippines showed excellent draping abilities in a royal blue dress with smocking on the sides of the skirt, while Zena Ankersmit’s designs were well-received: inspired by painted jeepneys, she came out with a menswear line appliqued with various Catholic influences, such as admonitions to pray and stylized representations of the Virgin Mary.

Damaris Chua came next, opening her segment with a lovely blue coat with constructed details by the lapel and collar, a blue shift top with Renaissance-style sleeves over a red skirt, and a dress in an eye-popping red with knotted white string accents.

Loes van Nijnatten closed the show with bright colored outfits, such as a red polka-dotted jumpsuit with a lace ruff, a blue tunic with varicolored accents, and a green dress with a blue mesh coat.Read more at:cocktail dresses australia