A model walks the runway during the By Johnny show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Resort 17 Collections. (Photo:short formal dresses)

It started out innocently enough, as most fashion trends do. Just a hint of skin here, a dash of skin there, nothing that your granny wouldn't baulk at. And then it snowballed. What began as an off-the-shoulder top, worn as elegantly as a ballerina in her debut prima role, has morphed into what I like to call "peekaboo shoulders". It doesn't sound as glam, and nor does it look it.

Essentially, peekaboo shoulders are holes ... on your shoulders. Where the fabric would normally be. So you have a regular sleeve, but large peekaboo cutouts, flashing your shoulders like they're the new breasts or something (are they? Have I missed a memo about shoulders taking over boobs?). Blake Lively seems to think so. She was spotted in all her wondrous pregnant glory with a black dress that tied on each collarbone, leaving those gleaming shoulders free to steal the spotlight.

The good news is this trend is for everyone, not just the celebrities who can do it well with designer pieces. It will look good on you even if you're PMSd up to your tear-filled eyeballs and all you want to do is curl under a blanket with a packet of Tim Tams, yelling insults at the MasterChef contestants because they don't listen to the judges. That's because the peekaboo shoulder trend generally covers most areas below the decolletage, but still hides the upper arm. And for that, designers, women of the world thank you.

Here's how to wear it:

On a dress, which would otherwise be off the shoulder, bar the straps. This is the ultimate in what I like to call the off-duty-model-look, to be worn complete with angry face. Not because the dress makes you angry, but because you're constantly wondering if the whole thing is going to slip off.

Keep it real with boots. The trend is so pretty but cool, sexy but nonchalant, you need something more than a traditional high heel. Add extra edginess with thigh-high boots or ankle boots that will immediately banish any suggestion this might be a try-hard-trend-look. Even though you're reading a story on it. That's how people learn about fashion!

Do. Not. Go. Crop. Top. There's a general fashion rule in life which says if you are taking away fabric in one area, you add it in another area. In this case, that applies to peekaboo shoulder crop tops, which are a monstrosity to be avoided at all costs. Keep the top long, to sit just on your hips, or tuck into a pair of pants.

Jackets are hard with this look, because as soon as you put one on, you're hiding the feature. Nevertheless, a bomber or a biker jacket is the best pairing, because, as with boots, you need a certain amount of edge to pull this off, and a structured blazer ain't going to cut it.

The peekaboo shoulder is meant to be a bit slouchy, a bit cavalier. Like you just threw this on and whoops! Didn't realise this dress hung off your shoulders in the most chic way! What a lucky coincidence. It really perfects the whole effortless-yet-somehow-ended-up-glamorous vibe. And isn't that what we're all trying to achieve when we go out? The accidental fashionista. Now there's a look to aspire to.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses