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Fashion designing may be a passion for some, a hobby and a form of career for many but for Deidaphi Dorothy Khriam from Shillong, it is a way of keeping alive her family traditions. Yes, it is true that the passion for fashion designing runs in her genes but as a starter in this domain, Deidaphi still thinks and believes she has a lot to learn.

Recently she showcased her designs in Guwahati at an event called ‘Smartisans’, a fashion event that gave a platform for budding fashion designers like Deidaphi to showcase their skills and to reach a wider audience. This was her first ever break through which she reached a wider audience who greatly appreciated her designs and recognized her talent.

TNT- The Northeast Today got into a converstaion with her and uncovered some exciting facts about her family’s strong association with fashion and how she wishes to live up to the family expectations and her next big step for the future.

Deidaphi Dorothy Khriam is a NIFT Hyderabad graduate and worked with various designers before branching out as a designer under her very own label, Daffy’s which was started by her mother 20 years back. As a creative soul, her interest and hobbies did not wander far from the creative field itself. She was very much passionate about fashion illustration and line art doodles and creating customized gifts and greeting cards. So with those activities on the plate, any spare time she found herself with, she picked up a good book.

She goes on to say, ” designing is something that’s always been in my blood I suppose. My late grandmother was Shillong’s very first bridal designer, my mother is also known not just in Shillong for her western bridal wear but her name has gone as far out as Kolkata for her custom made bridal gowns. So it’s safe to say, that I started out very young with hands on experience in the field with two amazing, independent, talented and skilled women as my source of inspiration”, she proudly adds.

As a label, Daffy’s is all about Exclusive Western Bridal Wear which pretty much comes with the whole package, from the Maid of honors to the flower girls themed dresses. “Our label is more of a made- to- order or custom made western and western fusion for women who want to feel empowered and different. It was also important for us to make clothes for our clients keeping in mind many factors such as physique considering we Northeastern ladies aren’t all that lucky with height! So its necessary to cater to women not just to provide one of a kind designs but to also cater to each individuals different physical attributes”, a sensitive Deidaphi says.

When asked about sourcing of materials for her designs, she adds that Northeast India is known for its Silk. Silk is one of the most valuable asset the Northeast has. But with that being said, it’s not something one opts for for daily wear. So as per people’s design requirements she tends to source her design materials from various places and prefer not to stick to just one location.

On being asked about her next big step, she assuredly says, “The next big step for me would be to try and combine my love for fashion designing and my love for art into one to produce something that’s not only one of a kind but also artistic in every way. And hopefully with that I can take those designs to the next level like the Major fashion weeks in India”.

As mentioned earlier, Deidaphi has recently showcased her designs in ‘The Smartisan season 2’ held recently by Stoic Marketing Solutions. Apart from that, she has done more of shoots for blogs and editorials.

As humble in her approach that she is, Deidaphi considers this as just the beginning and takes every opportunity as a major learning curve with a lot of scope for growth and improvement. So with that mentality, she is moving forward with the hope of being a part of more exhibitions and fashion shows and help make Northeast India a household name in this regard.

Moreover, with designers like Rupert Lynrah and Daniel Syiem around town, Deidaphi believes that there is a huge scope for budding designers.

“For me as a designer from a small town with a rich cultural heritage, it is important that, not only do the traditional handlooms find a good platform but it’s also really important to show what my culture, the Khasi Culture is about. The Matrilinial system and how it is the perfect example of women empowerment and equality. So as a designer I feel that it’s my responsibility to show the world that we are so much more than a glorious silk producing, bamboo weaving society. We’re also infact a society that teaches and encourages women to pursue their dreams and purposes while being important contributing members to the community and culture as a whole” she proudly says.

Having grown up in a very strong matrilineal society such as Meghalaya and witnessing the grit, determination and success of her grandmother and mother has helped her shape herself into the independent and determined person with a very open mindset that she is today.

TNT- The Northeast Today wishes Deidaphi Dorothy very well for the future and hope that her designs would one day make the region as well as the nation proud.Read more at:formal dresses