But while many designers might sketch out a shoe idea and leave the process of making it to an anonymous factory, Matea Gluscevic pursues a passion for the process of designing and creating high-quality leather footwear.

Matea isn’t, as she says, “heaps into shoes”. She isn’t a collector. She rarely talks shoe fashion. “But,” she says, “I have shoemaking-related thoughts every hour. I keep a notebook and I write down ideas. I’m compelled to make them.”

This compulsion and a truckload of talent resulted in small business Ana Terra, which launched at The Mill in Angas St in June. Ana and Terra were names Matea’s Croatian parents – Mum an engineer, Dad a mathematician – considered calling her. The 29-year-old says she likes Ana Terra’s reference to walking on earth and sustainability.

The latter is key to Matea’s work. She works with culled wild kangaroo leather, cork, recycled materials.

For years now, Matea has lived with borderline personality disorder. She has found a sense of catharsis at her workbench. “Shoemaking is probably the only thing I can do which stops me from having excessive thinking,” she says.

“I didn’t go for industrial design or product design because most of the time you’re not involved enough. You get to make prototypes, but ultimately most of your work is on a computer. For me it needs to be about physical engagement.”

Matea has also worked as a sculptor and installation artist, but was drawn back to leather, laces and lasts.

“Shoemaking is a concise, clear way to get an idea out in a very specific form,” she explains. “With shoes, if I have an idea it’s small, it’s contained, there are fewer variables. It provides me with more satisfaction.

“I don’t have a target audience. At the moment, I’m doing an order for a girl in Portland – she likes the zip boot and wanted it in red. I’m very open to that kind of request – that’s the allure of a shoemaker.

“I’m basically making things that I like, and if other people like them, too, that’s great.”Read more at:formal dresses brisbane | formal dresses adelaide