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France is a land of beauty and fashion, but don’t get mislead by thinking that they have modern techniques to care for their skin and hair. It will be surprising for you to know that French women rely on simple natural ingredients to enhance and care for their skin and hair.This is the only reason French ladies need no makeup to hide the acne, pimples, pigmentation, spots, etc, on their face. Their hair and skin care is based on age-old grandma’s beauty secrets, which they still follow. On the contrary, we mostly use chemical products on our face and skin, which can be quite harsh to the skin.

French women usually use very little makeup and protect their skin, in all cases, with a big hat or an umbrella as a beauty ritual. This is not only a fashion statement, but also a tip to care for their skin from the harsh rays of the sun.Here are some beauty secrets of French women.

Beauty secrets of French women are:

1.Traditional Beauty Methods: French people use traditional methods for their beauty. They have been taught from their childhood the importance of grandma’s beauty secrets. Whereas, we mostly rely on modern chemical methods for beauty. These chemical treatments can damage our face in the long run. French women never do that.

2.Don’t Go Over With Makeup: French women never do a lot of makeup, they believe in natural beauty. Rather than having an acne, marks and other spots hidden inside your makeup, it is better to have a clear face with less or no makeup. French women go for just few coats of mascara and a lip gloss.

3.Bedtime Beauty Routine – A Must: Night is a time when your skin gets repaired and rejuvenated. French ladies take a little effort during their bedtime for skin care to get a glowing skin the next morning. They generally follow cleansing, scrubbing and moisturising their skin with natural oils such as almond, olive oil, etc, before going to bed.

4.No Blow Drying: French ladies let their hair dry naturally and never use a hair drier. It may dry up your hair instantly, but its after effects on your hair are damaging. Blow drying makes your hair brittle, dry and frizzy, and split ends also may appear.

5.Abundance Of Water: French ladies always keep themselves hydrated. They give water a lot of importance, when it comes to beauty and overall health. We also know how important water is, but do we really drink enough water? French ladies not only drink water, they also keep sprinkling it on to their faces often. France is famous for hot spring mineral water. This water is blessed with minerals that are good for the skin.

6.Avoid Daily Hair Wash: French ladies wash their hair only twice a week. Washing your hair daily makes it deprived of the natural oils secreted from the scalp. Hair can get dry and dull eventually. This is one of the simple beauty secrets that French women follow.

7.Always Keep An Umbrella: French ladies, as a ritual, carry an umbrella with them always. They also wear big hats, not as a fashion statement, but to protect themselves from the harsh rays of the sun. This is the reason why they don’t get wrinkles and other signs of ageing early. French women also apply sunscreens two hours before leaving their home.

8.No Obsession For Slim Body: French women believe in a healthy and happy life. They keep a track on what they eat, do a little of exercise such as jogging, walking and aerobics. They don’t always find a need to hit the gym. Even if they have gained weight, they go easy with it by doing regular exercises.

9.Home-made Masks: French women use natural face masks made of natural ingredients such as eggs, fruit, honey, olive oil, etc. They also make use of essential oils such as lavender oil and rose oil. They massage their face well with natural ingredients, and don’t find the need to visit saloons regularly.

10.Fond Of Perfumes: You can never find a French woman without perfumes. They have a good taste for perfumes and natural scents. This increases their self-confidence and also enhances their personality.

11.Cold Shower: One of the most important beauty rituals that French women follow is that they bathe with cold water. This increases their blood circulation and also makes their skin look fresh and glowing. Since the blood flow increases to the face, this gives them a pinkish complexion.Read more at: