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Goldstein Auditorium was alive with fashion on Saturday night when Fashion’s Conscience presented their annual fashion show to a crowd of eager and ambitious fashion fans. This year’s theme: “The Gap Between; a tribute to the Echoes of Unordinary” that occur in between a catwalk during a runway show. Student models and designers from both on and off campus, representing various cultures and backgrounds, came together to present a celebration of a strong fashion culture cultivating in Syracuse.

Before the show began, a quick run-through facilitated some last minute touches. Models strutted down the runway surrounded by empty seats for the last time. The countdown was on before the hallowed auditorium filled with a rumbling audience. Months of rehearsals have all come down to this night and Mazaher Kaila, a sophomore political science major, was excited — yet anxious — to walk the FC runway for the first time.

“We had about three or four rehearsal that lasted about four hours,” Kaila said. “Thinking about the other fashion shows I have been a part of, this is by far one that is the closest to what you will see in the real world of fashion. They had an outline of how they wanted the models to look — clothes, hair, makeup. We practiced our walks and everything too.”

With nothing left to rehearse, the models vanished to their dressing areas to prepare. With heart thumping hip hop blaring through the speakers, crowds started to make their way to their seats.

It is important to note that when FC holds a runway show, the fashion elites of Syracuse University come out and play. That means the best of what their wardrobe has to offer: statement stilettos, oversized denim, velvet blazers, thigh high boots — a celebration of fashion as a culture.

Then came showtime. The lights dimmed to black. The crowd went silent. The only noises heard were from the occasional hoots and hollers for supportive friends in numerous clans around the runway, which itself was a trick of its own. One giant square created three vertical runways that the models would trek through. The crowd finally silenced and a video montage introduced the audience to the show: An A-Z tribute to the unconventional beauty looks of the fashion industry such as F for freckles, G for gap teeth, W for weave and, a crowd favorite, Z for Zaammm.

The audience was taken through a visual journey as hip hop and R&B met fashion. Patches and graffiti on oversized denim, statement fur coats and cheeky swimsuits all pulled together by a perfect runway walk to match. Audience member Eva Baldo, a sophomore Bandier student, called it “urban couture.”

“People who you see walking on campus every day are now walking on a runway, so that is so cool,” said Rafy Evans, a sophomore writing and rhetoric major.

The looks also aimed to a more androgynous feel, as female models showed in baseball caps and short sweatpants, and males in flower embroidered bombers, as look trending in the fashion industry. One offcampus designer, Ron Funderburg, the creator of Unico Re — latin for “only and unique king” — presented his six looks of unisex clothing. Established in 2009, Funderburg was welcomed to design for the FC show for the first time.

“This was a last-minute thing but I am honored to be here to expand my brand,” Funderburg said.

With the last model making her final trek through the maze that was the runway, the audience erupted in applause. Months of hard work came together perfectly, according to Aliyah Autry, a senior art history major. From handling creative and business relations to the model call for the “go-to girl,” it was a relief to see everything come together and, most importantly, accomplish what FC set out to do with this show: celebrate fashion.

“I think for the university and for people in the community, it gives us an opportunity to shine light on the talent not only at our school but in the area,” said Autry said. “It is exciting that our school supports a committee like this, especially for people who are not fashion design majors, these are people who work just as hard as them. So it’s a good platform for them to show their abilities.”

With a total of 12 presented collections and dozens of models, FC seemed to leave it all on the runway Saturday night. From lighting, music, presentation, clothing and models, the innovative action of the organization is what is a big part of what keeps the fashion presence on campus alive. FC is the mic drop of Syracuse fashion.Read more at:plus size formal dresses