Any color bridesmaid dress?

A bridesmaid dress colors

1, at the wedding, bridesmaid dresses best color is slightly lighter than the bridal gown color with warm tones.

2, do not wear white dresses on stage, not to steal. Bridesmaid dresses than bridal colors lighter and wedding styles immediately.

3, to the table happy, add some red clothing accessories, such as red skirt, red belt or clothing with small red. Also, wear something red for warm colors like light pink, light yellow, and so on.

4, the day a formal wedding costumes are monochromatic, attention not suffused with too much color, is refusing solemnly frivolous feelings.

5, it is best not to wear black to the wedding, and in particular, wearing black fishnet stockings.

Other dresses bridesmaid style

1 to design than the bride, Bridesmaid Dresses simple. Between dress styles of evening dresses and casual dresses, choose not to pull long, too grand, could focus on the little dress.

2, dresses remain calm and dignified, not too explicit, otherwise steal the bride style, will make the earth oldest dissatisfaction.

3, to avoid clothing too formal or too casual, you can join the fashion elements in detail.

4, bridesmaid skirt not too short to avoid outdoor mobile shows panties, and do not match.

If wearing a suit with lace in fashion exterior facade, which will come with a special small straps, colorful with sequin, colorful mosaics, sexy tube top do.

Thirdly, Bridesmaid Dresses accessories

1, Maid of honor not to have hair on your head, if the bride is white long yarn, you wear white skirts, the bride wearing a long dress, close to you wearing his clothes.

2, the girl had better not wearing lipstick, use a plain sheet of the bride.


3 best not to take jewelry, conspicuous not fit the bride. If you want to highlight that feature bridesmaids, a white silk scarf around his neck.