Not everyone is a fashion stylist or has a great sense of fashion. From overspending, ill-fitting to wrong color choice, there are many fashion disasters that can defeat you at your fashion game. By seeking certain advice and avoiding certain mistakes you achieve your fashion goals on fleek.

Here's a list of top 5 fashion mistakes that you can avoid:

Be Age-Appropriate

Let's admit it, once your age grows in numbers, there is a significant change in your body structure. It is wise to change your outfits accordingly. Sadly, many people, especially women who're in their 30s or 40s get stuck in their teens, refusing to let go the fashion trends that look good only to a certain age group. You need to go with the flow and update your wardrobe accordingly.

Be Occasion-Appropriate

There are certain occasions that require you in simple attires while other may call for some bling fashion. Dress according to the occasion, place, party, event… you are heading to and impress everyone with your impeccable dressing sense.

Avoid Favorites

There are certain favorites in everyone's closet that you keep carrying to every get-together. It could be your age-old favorite bag, a nice but worn-out pair of footwear, some chunky jewelry that's out of fashion or a favorite dress that's been clicked more than it needed to. It's good to have keepsakes, but wearing them too often can make others fret your fashion sense.

Say Yes to Alterations

You purchased a piece but it has a little problem with the size or length. You either end up limiting its use or wearing it with all its flaws. But you avoid going to the tailor. Take advantage of free alteration service offered from the store. You can get your item altered as per your size free of cost or just spare a few tens and get it customized from a local boutique.

Avoid Shopping in a Jiffy

Shopping is one thing that needs to be done with patience and planning. Last minute shopping won't lead you to right apparels and also may end up spending more than expected. When assessing a particular apparel, keep the abovementioned points in mind and shop if it fits the bill.Read more at:plus size formal dresses | formal dresses